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Carrie Hill

St. Albert

I would recommend Emelia's Child Development Centre to anyone who needs a loving, educational Daycare for their children. My son started right after his first  birthday, they put my mind at ease returning back to work.  The staff are all so sweet and understanding of the children's needs. Everyday, I see all the kids are happy, having fun, learning and seem to respond really well to the routines and set times of their schedule. My son has learned so many new things and his speech and comprehension are amazing me everyday. At only 22 months he repeats the Alphabet, has over 150 words, uses 4 word sentences, and has started doing well potty training. All with the help and guidance of his awesome teachers. It is always very clean, with healthy food and drinks. My husband and I, couldn't be happier with the daycare and all of the staff. 

Tamara Dowell

St Albert

Emelia's day care has been a godsend to me. I was coming back to work from maternity leave and had Abigail in a daycare previously to this one. she was constantly crying when I picked her up, she was dirty, and sick all the time. I heard about Emilia's from a friend whose child went there so we called and met with Belinda the Director. She was so friendly and professional, answered all of our questions, the center was extremely clean. We had her in Emelia's the next day! Abigail comes home happy, she is talking so much and asks me when can we go to daycare next.


I absolutely love the atmosphere. The way they greet you with a smiling face puts me at ease. She runs to all the girls there to give them hugs without any coursing. My daughters 2, so that should say enough. Thank you ALL at Emelia's Daycare for the love and encouragement you give Abigail.


St Albert

I have my 16 month old son in Emelia's daycare full time. As a first time/single mom picking the right daycare can be stressful. I interviewed & visited many daycares/day homes. When I found Emelia's daycare- met with Belinda & her loving staff. That stressful feeling instantly disappeared.


Some things that really stood out for me were:
- The center is extremely clean.
- It's well organized
- Their schedule is well set out & followed.
- The staff is older & have lots of experience being mother's themselves.
- Their food menu is healthy, nutritional & inviting to kids.
- They plan fun crafts & art.

I was nervous to see how my son would do with unfamiliar people & a strange environment. He, did great! He loves the staff & is excited to go everyday. He even can say most of the staff names which is a big deal because he is a shy little boy but when he's there he really comes out of his shell. Belinda & her staff are extremely loving group - I can not say that enough.

During flu season my son fell ill & had a bad ear infection. The staff called me to inform me he, was under the weather. I was on my way from work to pick him up, when her staff called me again to tell me he was ok now but had a seizure shortly after our phone conversation. We agreed to meet at the hospital to get him checked out. Their fast & amazing actions were amazing. The staff was a tentative & they truly do care about the health/well being of every child. When I arrived at the hospital to meet them, Belinda & a staff member were holding & comforting him. They even brought his favorite blanket, snacks & water for him. The next day when I stayed home with him- Belinda called me to make sure he was ok & if there's anything they could do to not hesitate. I consider all the staff like our second family & couldn't be happier.

Everyday my son, is jumping with joy to go & everytime we leave all staff wave goodbye it truly is heart melting. Emelia's daycare is full of love & you can see it everyday you go in weather their playing with the kids, dancing, doing crafts or during snacks. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind their loving affection is genuine & is consistent. I would highly recommend Emelia's to anyone & I can definitely say that there is no better loving/safe place for your child.

Jenna and Duane Wilde

St Albert, Edmonton

We enthusiastically recomend Emelia's Child Development Center. Emelia's Daycare has provided care for my son James since he was twelve months old. Since the first day at drop off we have had nothing but good experiences with the center and the care workers.


Emelia's daycare provides learning and play in a warm setting. All the workers excel at meeting the toddlers development needs. In each area you can see the attention that is devoted to the children in developing their social and motor skills. The daycare is full of music, stories, warmth, healthy food and happy children. The centre also helps to develop respect for care for other toddlers and the workers. My son is excited to go everyday which shows the caring atmosphere that is provided by the workers.


We highly recommended this center for anyone that is thinking of joining.


Andrea Petras

St Albert

My daughter started attending Emelia Child Development Centre in October 2015 and it has been a great experience since day 1 and even prior to that. When we came for a visit, Belinda was welcoming and made us feel right at home, showing us the entire Centre and talking with us about the activities, schedules, meals and more. I know that my daughter is well taken care of and she is learning so many different things. She enjoys her time at the daycare and often doesn't want to leave when it's time to go home. All the staff are friendly and always take the time to speak with you about the day and how things are going. I recommend Emelia Child Development Centre to everyone who asks me about a daycare. I have nothing but great things to say about Belinda and all the staff as well as the wonderful programming they offer to my daughter.

Akosua Benson

St Albert

What can I say about Emelia’s Child Development Centre:  

The ladies truly care and treat my daughter like she is one of their own. Never once have I gone to pick up my daughter and the staff are not showing care and affection to my daughter and all the other children.  The children feel loved especially my daughter who is super attached to her parents.  Most often when I drop my daughter off at the Centre, she cries and wants mommy to stay.  As a working mom, it is always difficult saying goodbye to your children and seeing them cry when you leave almost makes your heart fall out of your chest.  My own saving grace is that the minute she starts to cry, one or more of the care staff will immediately come and console my peanut.  Never once have this occurred whereby Belinda, Davina, Rana, or Rathy didn’t make my daughter feel more welcome and loved.


The staff at this centre truly know how to make the children feel loved and cared for.  Whether it is an embrace, a song, a dance or just sitting with a child, I know deep in my heart that whether a parent is watching or not watching this consistent act of care and kindness is always displayed at Emelia’s Child Development Centre.  If you are looking for a child care centre that prides itself with good communication with parents, caring staff, positive attitude about enhancing children’s lives, making smiles, respect, honesty, and above all putting your children first, then look no further as Emelia’s Child Development Centre offers all of this plus more.  

Lastly, the facility is by far the cleanest child care centre I have every been in.  They are consistently cleaning to ensure the health and safety of our children. I really want to say Kudos to Belinda, Rana, Rathy, Davina, Sherri for always smiling and their genuine attitude.  Caring for children is not an easy task yet you ladies do this with so much care and grace.

Melinda Hiller

St Albert

From the first moments of being in Emelia's Child Development Centre; we knew this is where we would enroll our daughter, Hailey. During that time, Belinda had made us feel very welcomed. I noticed right away that all the teachers were greeting the children by name in the hallway, with attention given to each child. As a parent going back to work full-time, it gives me a sense of relief knowing that my daughter will be able to develop, learn, interact and be engaged with other children and staff members that genuinely take the time to learn the individual strengths and needs of each child. Every week, I notice Hailey blossoming into her own and it is all thanks to the hard work, time, and caring devotion of the staff at Emelia's Child Development Centre.



St Albert

My daughters love going to daycare. They are both very excited to see the staff in the morning and sometimes, even tell me they would rather stay there for the night! I was looking for a daycare that also has an out of school care to make the transition easy when my children start going to kindergarten. The staff is amazing and helped my daughters become more independent and aware of the world around them. I feel at ease going to work as I know my daughters are well taken care of.

Kayla Stager

St Albert, Edmonton

I have had my daughter cared for here since they opened. I absolutely love this place and so does my 2 year old, she gets so excited when we pull up in front.


The women here are so welcoming and friendly! I do not have to worry about feeding my daughter's breakfast in the morning or supplying her with a lunch for the day, because it is all supplied there with the list of food pinned to the board as you enter. They go on field trips and have an outdoor area to play in.


I honestly have nothing bad to say about this child care facility and will continue to bring my daughter here.

Jennifer Pugsley

St Albert

I have my 3 year old son in Emelia's as well as my 6 year old daughter part of the time.  My husband and I couldn't be happier with the service, the ladies and the overall environment of this child care centre.  Belinda is an incredible director and business owner, she takes a lot of pride in the organization and programs she runs as well as the condition of the centre itself is always nice and clean.  Above all, Belinda and her team are warm and loving to all the children that attend here. This especially stood out to me over the past year. The staff here know and pay attention to each kid individually and are always loving and warm to both of my kids every day. I have had experiences with Sigis childcare and although a good daycare at the time, Emelia's by far surpasses my expectations.  It's hard enough to leave your kids in someone else's care for the majority of the day - everyday. I feel so comfortable and happy going to work knowing my children are happy, loved and learning at Emelia's 

Here are a few things that stood out from the other daycare providers we have been to:

- the staff here are older and are all mothers. To me this makes a big difference. A lot of daycares in St. Albert employ young people who have never had children themselves.

- the center is ultra clean - which makes it easier to deal with colds and flus flying around. 

- the staff are completely engaged in their job. Not on cell phones or chatting to each other over coffee. 

- the routines and programs are well organized and followed every day.

This is the best childcare center in St.Albert by far and likely all of Edmonton.

Kelly Nikolic-Zeller

St Albert, Edmonton

I have been so impressed with Belinda and the staff at Emelia's since I started my daughter in there.  We were nervous to leave our daughter in a new place but Belinda and Davina were very reassuring and told us details of our daughter's day when we would come to pick her up which helped us feel more comfortable.  She is learning things that I never would have thought to teach her at her age if I had been at home with her.  The staff love and nuture each child like they are their own.  


I highly recommend Emelia's to everyone I know :)

Steven Pywell

St Albert, Edmonton

I have had my toddler twins in Emelia's daycare since May 2015. Belinda and her staff have been amazing to my twins and myself. They helped with potty training which was a major chore having twins. They provide healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch. My little boy who still can not talk at 3 years has showed progress with trying to speak with the help of the staff and the day to day interactions with other children.


Since June I have had my two eldest boys in the OSC program which has been amazing. The weekly field trips have been great. Swimming, splash parks, telus world of science, the zoo and many more I have been extremely pleased. I have also volunteered on these trips and have had a wonderful time.


The experience for my 4 kids has been amazing and I will without a doubt bring them back for the OSC program summer 2016.


Thank you to Belinda and Ms. Julia and the rest of the wonderful staff at Emelia's daycare. You are the best!!


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