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Building a positive environment is one of the core value and foundation of Emelia’s Child Development Centre. We believe in positivity through “positive guidance policy” in helping our children build self-esteem and enjoy conducive environment for learning and growth.


We at Emelia’s Child Development Centre are committed in making sure that all aspects of childcare are properly communicated to Parents on regular basis by means of “Daily Endorsement and Feedbacks”.

We will also schedule a monthly 15 minutes Progress Meeting to discuss each Child’s strength and weaknesses.


Child Discipline Methods and Guidance Policies utilized in the program will communicate to Parents, Staff and Children.

It will be found in the “Parent Handbook and Staff Handbook”.


The Child Guidance Policy is designed to help children become independent and caring by learning self-control, decision making skills and responsibility for their own actions.


We aim that our children:

To develop positive self-esteem, respect for themselves and the rights of others and do socially acceptable ways of expressing their feelings.




  • Consistency in Routines and SMART (simple, measurable, attainable, realistic. Time bound) expectations.

  • Assess Child Strength and Weaknesses.

  • Positivity in all our dealings with children by form of praises.

  • Teach children problem solving skills by giving examples during circle time and activities.

  • Redirection and Positive reinforcement when the child exhibits undesirable behavior.

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  • To provide an environment that encourages and motivates on all levels: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

  • To provide a nurturing environment for children.

  • To foster a sense of self-worth in each child.

  • To recognize the importance of the individuality of each child.

  • To treat each child with respect and understanding.

  • To provide optimum nutrition for every child.


To give the child optimum opportunity to experiment, explore, and discover for him/her as much as possible in the environment

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